How To Stop Dogs From Digging

Digging is a natural behavior in your companion.

He would not understand the punishment. It’s better to stop him by saying “no” to him. But you have to take it on the record and not later because he does not understand what it is.

First, try to identify why dog digging under the fence?.

Dogs can dig by predatory instinct or to bury bones or toys. This instinctive behavior aims to put food out of reach of other predators.

Digging can also be part of a nesting instinct, especially if your dog is pregnant. They can also dig a hole if it is too hot, as this helps to lift the fresh soil and provides a small shaded shelter.

If your dog digs next to a fence or fence, he may just try to escape from the garden. Some dogs dig boredom or have fun.

Others may have a genetic predisposition to dig.

What to do?

Once you have identified why your dog is digging, it will be easier for you to fix it. All you will need is a little patience and perseverance.

If your dog digs for the purpose of hunting wild animals, you will need to find a way to keep it away.

Maybe you could erect a protective barrier or an obstacle to seeing other animals. After all, if he does not see them, he will not be tempted to chase them.

If wild animals are on the same side of the fence, they will have very little chance of catching them; birds and squirrels are usually much faster than most dogs. Rats and mice will also be far too fast for your dog.

Be careful if you use poison to kill these animals, as this could also poison your dog.


If your dog is just spending too much energy, you should give him more exercise.

Go for longer or more frequent walks and try to spend more time on games where your dog has to run behind a ball to get him tired.

Never punish your dog for digging a hole unless you surprise him.

Even if you take your dog to the place where he has dug, he will not be able to make the connection between the punishment and the hole he dug.

No need to punish your dog. The holes made for several hours, the animal would not include the penalty. I know it’s hard, but you have to take it on yourself. Hitting a dog is even more useless!

Dogs love to go out with their owners because they spend a moment with the one they consider to be the most important in the world. In addition, all outings contribute to the socialization of our dogs.