The Solution For Dogs That Escape and Runaway

runaway dogYour Dog likes to runaway?  You’re not the only one with this problem.

So what to do? This question is very often repeated by the owners, yet the real question to ask is: why does my dog get out of it’s enclosure and ​​run away in the first place? Understand that the motivations of runaway dogs are numerous.

Before dealing with the situation of a dog that runs away, it is very important to know the cause? Fortunately, there are various solutions to fix this, but before that, we will go over together in this article the motivation of a dog that runs away. In the factors listed below, you may recognize some points that you can relate to:

Why does my dog ​​run away from home?

Cause 1 – a feeling of exclusion

In wild canines, the puppy, in adolescence, is driven away by its mother and encouraged to act on it’s own by the pack.

This leads the young dog to live on the outer area of the pack’s territory and will try his luck in other groups, where he can find a more a better life, and especially to find a female to mate with.

Within a human family, the there is also a similar pattern: it is the feeling of being put aside by the members of the family, which pushes your dog to get anxiety … either because you haven’t given them enough attention or other reasons.

Or that the birth of a baby can also disrupt their patterns and they become jealous.

Cause 2 – hunting

Your dog may also want to just get out there and hunt especially if you live in the country. One finds hunting breeds of dogs with a higher percentage of runaways.  Breeds like Jack Russels and others just love to escape.

Cause 3 – an irresistible desire

An adolescent canine is attracted sexually by a female in heat and has a strong desire to run away.  This can’t really be stopped even with castration.



dog parkIf you do not want fido to run away, integrate him into your family life while making sure to take good care of him, while maintaining your position as a leader and not as a beta . A good daily walk can prevent him from taking off. Many owners who have a large garden do not let their dogs out which is detrimental.

Do not forget that a dog is just like us humans, so it is important to walk your dog for an hour to 2 hours a day, make it meet other pups, take a good toy to the park as well.

You have to exhaust your dog by doing activities like agility or other games they like, it should not be bored if you do this… Every time you take your dog out, take with you his favorite toy ex: ball, frisbee … and play in the yard or park, Make him fetch.

If your dog is bored with you, once left on his own, he will have no problem to run away. This is basically saying that a houdini dog is not interested in his master. It’s as simple as that !